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Flex Framework for mobile applications

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Adobe is working on a version of the Flex framework for mobile application, Codemane Slider. When I watched the video about the Slider Preview at Max presentation by Ely Greenfield (Adobe), I was totally impressed about the ideas behind Slider. I like the idea how to solve the to integrate into multiple plattforms and Cross Platform developement based on Conditions and Style/Skins. If you want to now what I’m talking about, check the video below. Adobe provides also a white paper at Adobe Labs.

New beta versions of Flash Builder 4, Flex SDK 4 and Flash Catalyst

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Adobe released at Max 2009 the second beta versions of Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst. The beta versions provides a huge set of new features.

Here some of the new top features of Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 and Flash Catalyst Beta 2:

Flash Builder 4:

  • Improved Flash Catalyst to Flash Builder workflow
  • LiveCycle Data Service ES 2 and Fiber integration
  • Advanced data management features (CreateReadUpdateDelete)
  • SWFObject as Flash Player detection toolkit
  • Project convertion (Flex2AIR & AIR2Flex)

Flash Catalyst:

  • More Spark components: Checkbox, Radio Button, Toggle Button, Horizontal Slider, and Vertical Slider
  • Better text support
  • Video support
  • Optimize graphics workflow
  • Filters and Motion Easing
  • AIR Export

Additonal Information about the Flash Builder 4, Flex 4 and Flash Catalyst:

Flash Builder 4 at Adobe Labs
Updated Articles for Flex 4 beta 2 on Adobe DevNet
Flash Catalyst at Adobe Labs

Flash applications for the Apple iPhone

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Adobe announced Flash applications for the iPhone at the keynote of Adobe Max 2009. With the upcoming version of Flash Professional (CS5), Adobe provides the possiblity to export Flash applications as native iPhone applications. Flash CS5 converts the ActionScript3 projects and creates ipa files, which can submitted to Apple iPhone AppStore. Six Flash based samples apps are already available at the AppStore, more details can found here. So, this solution let you build iPhone application with your existing skills and tool set, no Xcode or Objective-C needed.

Furthermore, their is no Flash Plugin for the Browser Safari available.  Since yesterday, Adobe had also set up a new website, when you try to install Flash player on the iPhone. Adobe get it to the point why it’s not available 😉 Check out the link.

This is the MystHackers video from the Adobe Max Keynote with Kevin Lynch (CTO) and Johnny Loiacono (SVP Creative Suite Unit) test possiblities how to get Flash on the iPhone.

An other interesting fact about this soultion is that you need no Mac computer anymore to build iPhone applicatons.

More information about Flash apps for iPhone can founded on:

Adobe Labs
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