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Tour de LiveCycle ES2 available

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Adobe released new version of Tour de LiveCycle for ES2. It’s a seperate installation and isn’t replacing the Tour de LiveCycle. That means you have to install the Tour de LiveCycle for ES2 to get ES2 specific content.

The download can be found here.

LiveCycle Mosaic, Livecycle LaunchPad and LiveCycle Workspace Mobile for LiveCycle ES 2

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

The next version of Adobe LiveCycle will shipped soon and Adobe presented some of the new feature and applications at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles. Adobe presented a LiveCycle Workspace Mobile, a mobile version of Workspace for the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry RIM and Windows Mobile.  The iPhone application of Adobe Workspace is now available at the Apple iTunes. The mobile clients will only work together with the upcoming version of LiveCycle ES.

LiveCycle LaunchPad is an other new client, which will be available with LiveCycle ES 2. LaunchPad is a desktop application based on Adobe AIR and enables the user to create PDF or secure documents via Drag and Drop. Developers can easly extend LauchPad with their own processes.

An other new feature of LiveCycle ES 2 is LiveCycle Mosaic. LiveCycle Mosaic is a framework, which let you build rich internet applications based on existing entreprise applications. The information of a existing application will presented as a “Tile” in Mosiac and the different tiles can interaction to exchange information and trigger actions. You can use Flex and HTML to build the tiles.

More information about all the new stuff of LiveCycle can found the Adobe website or watch the Adobe MAX keynote.

Tour de LiveCycle and LiveCycle Cafe

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Adobe published to AIR applications around Adobe LiveCycle. The first application is the big brother of Tour de Flex, called Tour de LiveCycle. This applications provides all nessecary information to start programming and using Adobe LiveCycle.

Tour de LiveCycle at Adobe Developer Connection: Link

The other application call LiveCycle Cafe and provides the latest news, upcoming events and other information around Adobe LiveCycle ES. So you can’t miss anything what’s going with Adobe LiveCycle ES.

LiveCycle Cafe at Adobe Developer Connection: Link